Sunday, 12 August 2018

Message of Mother Earths Love

Listening within, I am drawn to go outdoors.

Silently walking along the meandering river path, blinded by the sheer beauty of the colours of nature’s creations…. Images flood my mind.

Memories of a time just before childbirth…when you feel that absolute peace within….knowing your purpose for being as you feel the child of your creation kicking and moving inside.

All my senses are alive as I drink in Gaia’s divine delights. Feeling nourished and nurtured by the bounty of lush growth all around.

As the river meets the ocean, I am guided forward, up far along the beach. Lost in the bliss of the magical day… eventually finding myself sitting in meditation…. in the sand dunes overlooking the gentle ocean and as the sun begins to shift closer to the horizon.

I turn and see that I am sitting next to this beautiful heart shaped green bush. Mother Earths message of love. I am filled with gratitude and love and I wish to share it with you all, so you too can feel her love.

In loving kindness,
Leanne xxx

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Turkey Love

Well who would have thought that a chance meeting with a friend would lead to such a beautiful revelation…..
I love turkeys!!!!
Today I bumped into my gorgeous friend Jen and she invited me out to her little farm to meet her animals….
I thought, why not….everything else can wait!

I wished I had videoed these two funny creatures. I became absolutely mesmerised in their cosmic dance of synchronised movement….
It was like they had rehearsed…
both flowing together in perfect time….round and round…fanning their divine plumage of impressive feathers…. Sounding their masculine calls in unison …
So comical yet so very enchanting!!!
I was surprised how these two men worked in harmony with no sign of competition, moving as one...dancing and sounding.
They actually reminded me of two wise alien beings dressed in their regal attire with their blue faces and long ruby red hanging beaks.

They appeared to have a spiritual connection….as if they were listening to a higher powerguided by of their inner knowing….
Moving in perfect unison with
ease and grace.

I hear your message turkey!!!
Reminding us all of something we seem to forget as we race around in our modern fast paced lives....
We are a part of something so much more …
the universe, this beautiful planet earth and all her creatures….
When I take the time and allow myself to feel this connection, something special begins to flow within.

Let us also accept and respect each other’s uniqueness…and feel at home in being who we are.....these turkeys are doing a fine job of embracing their very unique looks and abilities!
Let us also release the need to we too can embrace the freedom …and allow ourselves to shine in all our glory and uniqueness.
Go strut your stuff like the turkey….. Listening to your inner calling…and sound it out loud for all to hear...
Be brave like the turkey.... fanning out your 
plumage of hidden talents ...sharing the magnificence of you.
Jen also told me that these turkeys love to fly the take flight dear friends... out of your comfort zone and into a creation of your making.

Who would have thought these turkeys could be so inspiring.

With loving kindness

Leanne xxx

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Energy Healing and Soul Coaching
with Leanne Burong-Black

Hello, my name is Leanne and I feel blessed to join the team of holistic healers coming together to work in unity at The Wagtail Wellness Centre.
 I am a LUXOR Light Practitioner, Meditation facilitator and teacher, with a background in counselling and group work. (Bachelor of Social Work Degree)

I work in purity as a clear channel for this high frequency energy. I am guided to intuitively read the energy as it flows through like a story unfolding…. connecting with your soul’s essence…your higher self and divine spirit energy …and whoever may come through. I journey with the energy through your chakras and subtle bodies as their vibrational frequencies speak to me ….coming in as visions, symbols, sensations and messages….bringing into awareness blocks, fears, stuck and repetitive energy that keeps you looping in patterns of emotional and mental programming..... from present experiences and relating back to past trauma of wounding in this life time and previous incarnations. Your vibrational frequency is raised….expanding your awareness and accelerating healing through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies….. You are empowered to move forward with clarity, understanding and connection.

 Each healing session is unique, as the energy received will always be in line with your highest good and growth in the present moment. The high frequency of LUXOR Light catapults your own spiritual growth….as you awaken your connection to Source and Mother Earth….. Feeling and knowing that you are a part of so much more ….. Balancing and harmonising the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within your energy field…..and accepting the purity of divine love energy for you. This expansion is a step forward on your journey of discovery and awakening. I welcome and support you.
If I can be of service and you feel drawn to work with me ….these are the gifts I share with you:
·         Energy Healing and Soul Coaching $110
·         Numerology Soul Readings $44 emailed
·         Tarot readings  $22 single question
·         Intuitive counselling, Colour Therapy, Sound Bowls
·         Meditation classes are held every Wednesday 9.30am and 6.00pm

In love and light
0400058155 or Facebook Leanne Burong-Black
Head, Heart and Hand Healing

Thursday, 7 June 2018

What’s In a Name?
Inanja...with Head, Heart and Hand Healing
Inanja….what does it mean you may ask. This is the question I too asked myself when I was given this name years ago. Inanja was the name shown to me by spirit that expressed the frequency of my higher self, my I AM presence, my angel of presence. At the time I didn’t really understand but over the years my understanding has expanded. I simply trusted that Inanja was a part of my very and thus became the name of my healing practice.

I have since learnt that the meaning of Inanja is embedded in the energy of its frequency….its vibration. Inanja resonates and sings the song of my soul. It feels harmonic…balanced…connected.
In numerology Inanja is a 22….the energy of the master builder, the infinite potential that is within the core of us all. I was excited to discover that Inanja’s soul number and outer personality number both resonate to an 11…so to me this speaks of perfect balance on the inner and outer planes of existence. The awakening to self mastery. Often times the lessons along this path have been massive as my heart opens more more ….each time I trust and surrender… knowing that this growth opens my potential more fully to hold the energy of light as love.

With Head, Heart and Hand….this philosophy is embedded back in the history of my Social Work days. To me it was about building communities through our connection of our hearts. With our hearts we feel a sense of belonging…the spiritual thread of our united heart beat….our connection to more than simply ourselves. Our connection to others, to the land, to God/Source. That we are all an integral part of the greater whole. We are one with all.

With our head…we can access greater understanding through the expansion of our awareness and shifting perspectives…..opening up to receive higher guidance and to see with broader vision….releasing judgement through acceptance….and to trust this inner wisdom.

With our hands we are empowering our ability to give firstly to ourselves through loving, self healing, nurturing , compassion, the alchemy of forgiveness….then we open our hands out to expand this to others….to build and create a new world…a brighter future…our reality.
We each have a unique light to shine…and as we shine our inner light….it illuminates the Universe. We can all make a difference…please do not deny the world the beauty your light brings. Allow yourself to shine brightly
 in the true nature of you.

Friday, 3 November 2017

A Place To Call Home

A Place To Call Home
A new chapter of our camping holiday unveils with the discovery of our new home. Now this is a place we have camped before but we thought it was destroyed in the recent fires that devastated Esperance. We simply drove out here to send love and healing to our favourite place on Earth. Well…I do believe in miracles!!! All around we see scorched land but through some miracle, our little camp site is untouched. I am not sure if I can sufficiently express our pure elation and excitement. This truly feels like a home coming. We set up camp in our new home site. We are ever so grateful to be gifted with this beautiful, gentle peace of Earth to call home.
Once again we are reminded of the power of nature. The fire we witnessed the other day seems to have reignited with the winds. This time we helplessly watch from another location as the fierce intensity of the fire fuels up and spreads clouds of darkness up into the sky. We are far enough away to be safe but my heart bleeds for those brave souls facing the reality of what this fire means. All I can do is pray and send love and healing.
Since the previous fire that destroyed so much of the beautiful nature around the Cape Le Grand region, we have wondered the fate of the wild brumbies who would visit us here. Well, we didn’t have to wait for long for our answer….two beautiful brumbies stroll up and walk through our camp site!!! They are amazing…so unfazed by our appearance. We have since seen that there are three of them…Mum, Dad and baby. Oh how my heart fills with joy!
We do our yearly pilgrimage up Frenchman’s Peak. This is a very special place for me. I will share the Walich Dreaming story told by the Nyoongar Aboriginal people. The Ngadju people to the north and east share this story; however there are slight variations in the telling between these two groups. So here goes….One day two walich (eagles) from the inland flew down to Kippa Kuri (Esperance) and landed at Mandooboomup ( Cape Le Grand). The Mother walich made a nest and laid her eggs, while the Father walich flew off to look for food at Stokes Inlet.
A group of Aboriginal people camped near the Mother walich. The parents told the children to stay in the camp with the Elders while they went out hunting for food. Two children did not do as their parents asked and went off walkabout. They came across the nest of the Mother walich and stole her eggs, taking them back to camp.
When the Mother walich saw her eggs were missing, she flew after the two children. Catching them, she picked them up and carried them to sea and dropped them in. Every time the children tried to swim back to shore, the Mother walich would pick them up and drop them in the sea again. There are two rocks (Islands) offshore…they are the two children. The granite peak of Frenchman’s Peak …is the Mother walich watching the sea in case those children try to come back. And the water seeping from the peak…are the tears of the parents crying for their children.
The cave up at Frenchman’s peak is a sacred place. We are all touched by the energy. The view is absolutely spectacular…encompassing the magnificent Cape Le Grand and out to the picturesque ocean scattered with islands. This is my favourite place to meditate.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Path Of Illumination

Path of Illumination

My family are passionately environmentally aware and we often have debates about environmental impact and global change. This thought rested within me, as over winter I slowly witnessed the power of nature’s elements gradually exposing and unveiling the secrets of a forgotten pathway.  

It’s funny how memories return….snippets of history floating to the surface….memories of the old Kahlis Cray Factory that operated decades ago on the other side. Remembering the large pipeline that blocked my path, so I use to climb over it. Crayfish shell covered the beach and stabbed in your feet. It was such a smelly beach back then. Wow, I had forgotten all that. Now this beach is beautiful. It is my special beach.

Overtime, I rejoiced as more and more of this pathway was slowly being revealed. Now I see footsteps!!! Yes, even mine. This forgotten pathway that has had layers of sand and scrub washed away with the strong seas and heavy winds, is now bared……..and once again this pathway has a purpose! It is guiding people….an access opening….leading people forward to enjoy the ocean….to come for healing and peace like I do. Or perhaps some wave frolicking fun …wave dumping I think the boys call it.

I resonate with the symbology this pathway represents. As we surrender to the natural cycles of our existence…. Experiencing all the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs…… The gears will shift again and the hands of time will reveal when we are ready to stand naked in our truth and move into total acceptance of all that we are….the transformation begins. Vulnerable yet strong…having withstood the lessons of time….and grown in our faith…
to fulfil our purpose on this earth and walk the path of illumination.

In Love and Light
Leanne xxx

Ancestral Healing with Mother Whale

Ancestral Healing with Mother Whale

I have a special memory that I have held deep in my heart. I am sharing this magical experience now because I received a gentle reminder from a beautiful angelic 5 year old girl.....who looked up at me with her wide mesmerising blue eyes.... and I became lost in the pools of joy contained within them, as she dared to share her secret with me “Miss…I know what your favourite thing is. You love to chase whales….I saw you running with them along the beach.”

So here is my story…..
I don’t walk along South Beach as often as I use to, but on this particular day I was drawn there. I was initially going for a short walk so I would be back in time to pick my daughter up from the gym. For some reason I walked far along the coastline around the point, lost deep in my walking meditation. Sorry Lotus. She had to find another way home.

Something drew my attention to the water….A whale!!! I rejoiced. I love to live in a magical world.  But my logical mind kicked in….it really only looks like a bit of exposed reef…. mmm…I had never noticed this before. My faithful furry friend, Mishy, began to get all excited….(we are literally joined at the hip so our energy connection is special). My instinct was right! Suddenly this reef moved and rolled to expose a fin! Yes! It was a whale!
Pure bliss washed through me,I was over whelmed with emotion, mesmerised by the how close this whale was to the shore. She began to move down along the calm still waters of this magnificent stretch of beach. Retracing the steps I had just walked... to this turning point. I began to follow.

Around the point I was met by my beautiful friend Non (I had messaged her). We share the bond of Earth Mothers, our children growing up close together. I felt this whale energy was speaking to me of the ancestral mother energy. How perfect that we were to share the next three hours travelling alongside this whales journey together. We shared old stories and became wrapped up in the pure bliss we felt, connecting with the whale. My heart expanded as I witnessed the graceful movements of this huge Mother whale.

It was at this time we noticed more fins. She was definitely a mother whale!  I later discovered that she actually had two calves with her! I felt honoured to follow her peaceful journey along South Beach. It really was a perfect Spring day…. With clear blue skies…. a soft gentle breeze….. and calm tranquil seas. I also felt the presence of my beautiful Grandmother with me.

As I ran along the beach, I got to share my excitement with others as they came to witness this amazing journey of the whale.It felt like our threads of connection were growing. Something special was happening between us all.

For me, the whale is the record keeper of the earth….the holder of ancient wisdoms. The timing of her visit conveyed confirmation for the healing that was occurring within the feminine lineage of my family. I felt a deep sense of nurturing mother energy….of unconditional love… of compassion....of total acceptance without judgement….and pure forgiveness.

I later noticed the date... 9/9/2017.This day is special to me because it is the anniversary of  my Grandmothers journey from this earth and to the Heavenly realm. Thank you Umpy, as we all lovingly called her, for guiding me to share Mother whales journey.

Thank you Mother Whale for your presence...for your awakening of an understanding and a knowing deep within me. Thank you Non for being you and all the fun we shared. And thank you to the beautiful little blue eyed girl who was witness and loves to remind me of this memory. Yes, chasing whales is definitely my most favourite thing to do.

In Love and Light
Leanne xxx

Message of Mother Earths Love Listening within, I am drawn to go outdoors. Silently walking along the meandering river path,...